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Roof Maintenance

Most homes have roofs that are pitched and covered in tiles or slate. If your roof is made of tile it is likely a type of clay or cement and should last approximately 40 to 50 years. Slate is very expensive, hard wearing and rarely used in roofing and requires more product because of how they overlap.
Out buildings often will have flat roofs which usually use felt, however there are now some newer materials available in roofing on flat roofs such as PVC and fiberglass
If you are like most people you will from time to time take a look at your roof to make sure it is still in good shape. We want to provide you with some information on what you should be looking for.
1. You absolutely want to check your ceilings inside your home, cracks or leaks are likely a sign that you have tiles or slate that has slipped or cracked on your roof.
2. Look for missing tiles. Wind and other weather related issues can cause tiles to become loose and dislodged. This will cause your roof damage. If caught soon enough you can keep the cost of repair much lower.
3. On those flat roofs make sure to look for splits or cracks around the edges and for wet spots which can signal cracks as well.
It is important to keep your gutters clean of debris to allow the water that is coming off of the roof to properly drain away from the roof.
If you notice that the roof is in need of repair we can help you!